Farm Share's Impact on Florida's Recovery

Farm Share's Dedication to Florida's Recovery

Farm Share relief efforts were only possible thanks to the federal government stepping up and providing funding and food resources when it was needed most. Unfortunately, those dollars and resources have now been exhausted, future funding is uncertain, and the need for food assistance continues at substantially elevated levels. For this reason, it is critical that during this year’s legislative session, Florida’s leaders make food insecurity a priority and allocate sufficient resources to enable Farm Share to continue providing life-sustaining food to Floridian’s affected by the pandemic and ensure that no person goes hungry and no food goes to waste.


Email us at: Gil@Farmshare.Org to receive more information regarding a particular district or community in the state of Florida and how Farm Share was able to reach  and help Floridians in need. 


COVID-19 Relief

Since March 2020:

135 million pounds of food

Number of meals served:



More than 3.5 million Floridians were food insecure even before the pandemic began, with 850,000 of those people being children.

In a state where the economy is largely driven by tourism and hospitality, many Floridians found themselves out of work and turning to Farm Share for their next meal, relying on Farm Share’s food distributions and food pantries for assistance. Additionally, throughout Florida, local and regional food banks were being overwhelmed with requests for food assistance and looking for help to replenish their food stock.

Since the start of COVID-19, Farm Share has distributed over 135 million pounds of food, served more than 113 million meals, organized over 18,000 community events, and has had over 25,000 agency pick-ups at its warehouses to address growing food insecurity caused by the pandemic. Further, almost 90 percent of these meals were distributed by Farm Share’s nearly 2,000 statewide regional and local partner agencies.

When Floridians don’t know where their next meal will come from, Farm Share is there for them. In the same way, we – and they – need the Florida Legislature to support Farm Share at this challenging time.


With the support of the legislature...

Farm Share's mission continues

  • Even with COVID-19 Vaccines being given to Floridians every day, Farm Share is still experiencing very high demand for food. 

  • Floridians that have remained unemployed are still having to choose between gas, medication or food for their families.

  • Farm Share has worked tirelessly with its partners to meet the 600% increase in demand for free, nutritious food since the start of the pandemic.

  • From April 2020 through July 2020, Farm Share’s output more than doubled, averaging nearly 4 million pounds of food distributed weekly.

  • The high volume of food distributed continues thanks to our strong partnerships with Florida’s farmers, and for-profit partners.

  • Unlike other food banks that have costs associated with the food distributions, Farm Share distributes food at no cost.

  • In a state where the economy is largely driven by tourism and hospitality – industries disproportionately affected by the pandemic we do not see how we can help Floridians get back on their feet without the support of the legislature.

  • As the Legislature convenes in March, we ask lawmakers to fully fund Farm Share at $5 million, so that we can perform our work and achieve our mission to not allow any person to go hungry and to not allow food go to waste!



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