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Farm Share continues hurricane Irma relief on anniversary

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September 1, 2018

Press Release

FARM SHARE CONTINUES HURRICANE IRMA RELIEF ON ANNIVERSARY Farm Share Continues to Offer Assistance to Heavy Hit Florida Keys

HOMESTEAD, FL., September 1, 2018 – One year after Hurricane Irma’s landfall, the heavy hit Florida Keys continue to rebuild. With a caravan of semi-trucks loaded with furniture and appliances, Farm Share continues to assist as the Florida Keys continue to rebuild. Throughout the year following the September 10th, 2017 landfall, Farm Share provided local Key’s residents with financial assistance serving thousands of families with semi-truck loads of mattresses, new clothes and food throughout the keys chain of islands.

With the months following Irma, the focus of re-building has been in full swing for most of the residents. “We are in need of so many things and are grateful to receive any help we can get,” stated a resident who choose not be identified. Although known to recover fruits and vegetables from local farmers and trucking food to hungry Floridians, this was a different load and a different means of helping hurting Floridians in the Florida Keys. “Today showed the versatility of the efforts of Farm Share in helping Floridians most in need, “stated Gussie Flynn, Director of Communications and Marketing for Farm Share. “We are grateful we have the ability to receive financial assistance from our partners at Operation Blessing to assist our neighbors as they continue with the recovery process,” stated Stephen R. Shelley, Farm Share’s Chief Operating Officer.

Farm Share was one of the first organizations to provide Hurricane relief to the hard hit Florida Keys within days after it made landfall. As soon as the roads were passible, Farm Share sent a convoy of three semi-trucks full of non-perishable food, water, ice and hurricane supplies to Big Bine Key. “In addition to our ongoing mission to feed people who are hungry and in need, Farm Share also serves as a disaster relief organization after hurricanes, floods, tornados and other large scale disaster events,” stated Farm Share’s COO, Stephen R. Shelley. “Within 10 days after Hurricane Irma made landfall, Farm Share had distributed more than 1.7 million pounds of food, water and hurricane supplies to those communities that were hit the hardest, including the Florida Keys.” Farm Share continues to engage in hurricane relief in Florida’s hardest hit counties.

Farm Share, a non-profit organization headquartered in Homestead, FL, alleviates hunger and fights poverty by recovering and distributing healthy and nutritious fruits, vegetables, proteins and other non-perishable food to Florida families, children, seniors and individuals in need. Through a kind donation received by Farm Share, families received furniture and appliances – compliments of Operation Blessing, one of Farm Share’s donors.

Through partnerships with local non-profits, Farm Share is able to provide needed items throughout the 67 Florida counties serving millions of needy people with a myriad of items kindly donated by manufacturers, farmers, retailers, wholesalers and others. “Partnerships are the success of Farm Share,” stated Stephen R. Shelley. “Partnerships provide the product and partnerships assist Farm Share in connecting the product to the person who needs it.”


About Farm Share

Farm Share was established in 1991, with an overarching goal to distribute food without fees of any kind to agencies such as soup kitchens, homeless shelters, food banks, churches, and more. Since its inception, we have grown to accommodate a growing hunger. Many large groups collect food donations from the public and charge a per-pound “shared maintenance fee” to your local church, soup kitchen, etc. for this food. These fees add up to hundreds of thousands (sometimes millions!) of dollars per year. If the agency cannot afford the shared maintenance fees, they do not get the food. Smaller grass-root agencies that cannot afford the shared maintenance fees get left out in the cold. Farm Share gives food to our recipient agencies without fees of any kind. To learn more about Farm Share visit

Farm Share, Inc. 14125 SW 320 Street, Homestead, FL 33033 I 305.246.3746

Contact: Gussie Flynn Director of Communications & Marketing : 305.246.3276 x 102; C: 305.772.5922

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