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Farm Share & Families: Fighting Poverty Together

Maria’s husband earned just enough money to pay for the rent, clothing, and food for his growing family this winter. As members of a migrant community, Maria’s husband and his coworkers are the backbone of the agricultural and landscaping industries that make South Florida great. Times are tough, but Maria always holds the health and well-being of her three children as a priority.

As the seasons change, the job demand for migrant communities fluctuates. Maria and her husband have been here before; it is part of the reality of the life they chose as immigrants and agricultural workers. But they pride themselves on being self-sufficient, and refuse to rely on social services to maintain their humble home.

“We love working hard, and we are so proud to be in America so that we can also make this country great,” says Maria as she rocks her restless infant.  

Maria waits in line to register and receive Farm Share food and fresh produce. 

Maria began going to Farm Share events after the birth of her first child. When she went to receive food from the program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), a social worker explained to her that Farm Share is designed to feed hungry families throughout Florida, so that no one falls through the cracks.

Farm Share events include local social service agencies-represented by this group of women, who understand the needs of a growing family.

“We sacrificed so much to create our home, to restart our life. We can’t always qualify for food stamps, and really, we don’t want to! We are hard-working people who want to earn our keep.” Maria explains “But we will not sacrifice the health of our children for our pride, or for anything. Sometimes, we have to ask for help. Farm Share is that help.”

Farm Share programs benefit the most vulnerable people in our communities- seniors, the disabled, the homeless- and Farm Share is also a reliable resource for families who are fighting to keep themselves out of poverty.

“Farm Share helps us fight to keep our home, to stay afloat,” Maria reveals earnestly.

Maria also loves to volunteer at Farm Share. “Even when we have enough money, I come to Farm Share events. I don’t always need food, but I know that someone does. With Farm Share, I can help. They keep me, my family, and my community healthy.”

   This young mother waits in line               This young woman volunteers

                                                                                                           for fresh Farm Share produce.                to keep the families near her fed. 

Tomorrow, Maria’s husband will look for work. But tonight she will fix him and her children a plate of Catfish, corn, french beans, and rice, all courtesy of Farm Share.

Learn more about the delicious recipes you can follow using the Farm Share produce that was distributed this week throughout Florida. 

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