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Farm Share & Food For All

April 15, 2016

Farm Share is surrounded by neighbors who care. Throughout the great state of Florida, our network of support moves quickly to provide struggling Floridians with healthy food. Taking fresh and nutritious produce to the elderly, the disabled, and low-income families is the business of Farm Share, and that business is made possible through the support of organizations and private citizens who stand strong with Farm Share to fight hunger around the state. Earlier this month, Publix recognized the great work of Farm Share by awarding us with a $100,000 donation as part of the Public Food For all Campaign. This campaign is a yearly corporate philanthropy initiative, designed to support programs that effectively fight hunger and advocate for economic self-sufficiency. At Farm Share, we help hard-working families who are struggling in low-income communities to have a healthier week, and ultimately a better life. True to the community spirit that makes South Florida great, the funds raised for Farm Share through the Food For All Campaign were collected from Publix customers and associates contribute by purchasing contribution cards in $1, $3, or $5 amounts. For the last 25 years, Farm Share has supported- and has been supported by- Floridians of all walks of life. Stephen Shelley, Chief Operation Officer and long-time Homestead resident, was on-site to receive the check on behalf of the Farm Share operations staff.

Board Member Daryl Jones & Chief Operating Officer Stephen Shelley receive a check from Publix through the Food For All Campaign. “It is through collaborations with great corporate sponsors, such as Publix, that Farm Share is able to feed communities, both big and small, throughout the state of Florida.” Mr. Shelley explained further, “Corporate sponsorship plays a vital role in determining the size and scope of Farm Share’s operations each year.  The greater the amount of corporate dollars donated, the more communities, families and people Farm Share can deliver fresh nutritious fruits, vegetables and other food commodities to.”

Patricia Robbins, CEO of Farm Share, describes the long-standing partnership that exists between Farm Share and Publix: “Farm Share appreciates the commitment of Publix Supermarket in the support of Farm Share as a vital service to this community.  In 1999, Publix began the Food for All Campaign with the assistance of Farm Share. That first year, Farm Share and [another organization called] Daily Bread received a check for $100,000- each as the only two groups participating.  Look how this wonderful project has grown with $1,400,000 distributed to 60 agencies in this southern region.

Farm Share CEO Patricia Robbins welcomes a Publix donation at Farm Share Headquarters in Homestead.

We need more Corporate Sponsorships for food assistance. The 32 million pounds of food rescued by Farm Share can only happen with donations from our community.  Farm Share is the ONLY local food bank that does not charge the churches and shelters any fee for the food.  So if you want to REALLY support the poorest of the poor, support Farm Share with your donations.

Our partnerships with Publix and other corporate donors and our Cities, County, State Government leaders and local law enforcement and US Attorney’s office to get food to ALL neighborhoods is what makes Florida strong.

Support Farm Share and keep fresh food from going to land fills.”

The funds received from Publix will enable Farm Share to expand and enhance existing programming, such as our Food Desert Program. Farm Share’s Food Desert Program provides vital nutritional education and fresh produce to struggling communities both rural and urban.  Experts define a food desert- as an area of barren vegetation, with no hope of a farmer’s markets or properly stocked grocery stores.  In these food deserts residents rely on Farm Share’s monthly distributions to be able to incorporate fruits and vegetables into their daily diets which would otherwise be inaccessible to them. Farm Share’s strategy to make a difference in these food deserts is two-fold: 1) provide fresh produce directly from Florida farms to residents to help with local nutrition and 2) provide Florida-focused educational materials that encourages the residents to build a stronger, healthier community.  Farm Share’s Food Desert Program is in its infancy and presently serves two (2) communities in South Florida.  With the help of Publix and the Food For All Campaign, Farm Share can continue to spread its Food Desert Program throughout Florida and fight poverty in those communities who need the most help. With neighbors who care, most anything is possible. In addition to teaming up with Farm Share financially, the local Homestead Publix has committed to provide over 30 Publix staff to serve as volunteers for the upcoming Homestead Farm Share Food Distribution being held tomorrow, April 16.



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