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Farm Share is Florida's Largest Independent Food Bank!

Farm Share is named by FOOD BANK NEWS as Florida's largest Independent food bank for the second year in a row. What does that mean? That means that we are not owed or ran by a cooperate organization in another state. We are homegrown and are focused on feeding those under food insecurity in Florida. Read the article here:

The article outlines what being a food bank is and what a food bank does. It describes the difference between Farm Share and a food bank that is is not homegrown. Due to our 30 year relationships in Florida we are able to steward you donation to Farm Share in a way in witch it is stronger than if given to any other food bank. Farm Share has economies of scale due to how wide our reach is. We work on fighting hunger from the tip of the Florida panhandle to the Florida Keys.

WE ask that you take a few minutes to read the article and see why you should donate to Farm Share this holiday season. Farm Share needs your support in order to feed the 3.9 million Floridian's going hungry during the 2021 #Holidayseason.

Donate at

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