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Farm Share Needs Donations in 2021

There is a trickle effect taking place in Florida that no one is paying any attention to. There is an economic wave of inflation and patterns that are not being seen as what they are and who they are affecting most.

Due to a huge influx of people to the state of Florida in 2020-2021 there were several things that took place. 1. Housing went up. People who were coming to Florida could afford the pricing so greedy real estate agents began to take advantage of the low regulations on loans and the huge rise in demand for housing and began to skyrocket pricing on housing in 2021. 2. Food and fuel are at high prices. These commodities are very important to the low and middle class in order to work in Florida. Even with new jobs after the pandemic, Floridians have had to deal with extreme hikes in cost of living due to rising prices in food and fuel. and finally, 3. There is an international import and export issue taking place that is making it 5 times as hard to get the right items to the right place. This causes the demand for trucks and transportation to go up.

These issues affect Florida's hard working families. Florida's families are struggling to get food on the table and Farm Share is experiencing high levels of cost in operations. Labor has gone up and at times we have had to do what we can to get operations continue to run in order to continue feeding Floridians in need.

We ask that if you can donate that you donate to Farm Share in order to help us feed those in need in 2021. There are nurses, teachers, college students and many more who are working hard and still cannot pay bills and pay for food for their families. Log on to to look for ways to donate to Farm Share.

Florida has #MiamigiveDay (Miami Give Day 2021 coming up and we have #Givingtuesday coming up nationwide on November 30th. You can take either of these days as opportunities to give to farm Share and help us fight hunger in Florida!!

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