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Farm Share performs hurricane relief after Hurricane Ian

During major Hurricane’s Irma and Michael, Farm Share distributed more than 1.8 and 2.3 million pounds of water, food and disaster relief supplies within the first 13 days after the storm made landfall. Farm Share initiated its hurricane response for Hurricane Ian on Thursday, September 29th, the day after Hurricane Ian made landfall. On that day we delivered 6 semi-trucks of food, water and disaster relief supplies to affected communities. These semi-trucks came from both our Quincy Facility and Homestead Facility. Thereafter, we have been sending additional semi-trucks and box trucks into affected areas daily from all statewide facilities. From Thursday, September 29th until today Wednesday, October 5th, Farm Share delivered 31 semis and 8 box trucks of water, food and disaster relief supplies to Collier, Lee, Charlotte, Sarasota, Desoto, Hardee, Orange, Union and Flagler counties. This represents 1.4 million pounds of aide. By the end of that Friday, we delivered 38 semis and 12 box trucks for a total of 1,760,000 lbs. of aide. Farm Share plans to continue relief operations so long as it is needed.

“I am proud of my teams willingness to put in long hours and work through the weekends to make sure those persons affected by Hurricane Ian have what they need to survive and recover,” stated Farm Share’s CEO, Stephen Shelley, “we will continue our relief efforts for as long as it is needed and the resources are available to respond.”

Farm Share has gone over the 2 million pound total in aid and we are proud to have been able to perform disaster relief and still took care or our duties in the fight versus hunger in Florida

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