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Second wave of Covid-19

The first major wave of needed food distributions came in April of 2020. The entertainment, food and beverage, air travel, tourism and sports industries had taken a huge downturn and brought on unprecedented unemployment numbers in Florida. People still needed to eat and farm Share stepped up with our community partners. From March to November or 2020 Farm Share distributed more than 97 million pounds of food in the state of Florida. This figure is significantly high and we saw bigger demands for food distributions than ever before. We have begun to see a pattern in December and January of 2021 that indicates that the state of Florida will continue to experience some downturn in 2021. This means that we will see another huge wave of demand for food distributions again if some industries do not pick up. In addition to unemployment, Floridians are getting less and less help from the government and are in need of food.

Farm Share needs donations in order to operate at the rate that is demanded in order to feed the state of Florida. Farm Share needs the support of Florida community leadership and the private donations of those who can give. Without donations we fear that we will not be able to get to some that are going hungry. It is estimated that there will be about 2.9 million Floridians under food insecurity in 2021 and this includes about 800,000 children. If you would like to help, click on the donate button on our homepage and send what you can in order to feed the hungry in the state of Florida.

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