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So Many Ways to Give Back Through Farm Share, Inc.

One in every seven Americans relies on food banks, like Farm Share, or smaller food pantries to help feed their family. In states like Florida, hardworking families with two adults who work full-time, minimum wage jobs can barely cover the cost of housing. The sad truth is, healthy food is an unattainable luxury for these families, and the children and elderly in Florida, who so urgently need proper nutrition to stay healthy, are simply going without.

But the hungry are not alone. Caring communities are quick to combat hunger through food redistribution programs. Some Americans spend time at soup kitchens, serving meals to the poor. Some, like the young people pictures below, participate in Farm Share distributions.

Thankfully, many people of this great nation want to be a part of eradicating hunger, and they are most accustomed to doing so by providing food donations, like through canned food drives. But did you know that donating money to Farm Share, as opposed to food, can actually have more of a social impact?

These children in Homestead enjoy Farm Share produce every month. Farm Share offers small food pantries and low-income communities quality produce that is often out of their reach. Squash, zucchini, broccoli, okra, pineapple, oranges- and much, much more. The health benefits of this supplemental nutrition to vulnerable populations battling hunger and poverty is so important, and is a benefit that canned goods alone cannot provide. Donating to Farm Share is more effective than supporting any other food bank because we do not charge any of our local partners a single nickel to receive food. Other food banks charge handling fees; in this respect, Farm Share model is uniquely generous. As a Farm Share supporter, so are you. The next time you want to step up and give back, remember that donating funds to Farm Share is a year-round opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most. Together, we are building healthier children, safer neighborhoods, and stronger cities.




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