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The Farm Share Road to Wellness

Two parents. Two children. Two bedrooms. Too much to ask in this economy.

Florida families living on a two-parent, minimum-wage income grapple with the realities of poverty every single day. As Florida’s rent prices soar and the job market slowly recovers from the recent recession, the faces of hunger in the United States are often the faces of hard-working mothers and fathers whose joint income just does not cover their family’s basic needs.

At a recent Farm Share distribution in Homestead, Florida, families lined up as early as 7am for a distribution scheduled to start at 9am. Two mothers in the line earnestly told their stories to volunteers serving at the event. One mother had skipped work because the amount of food we provide is worth much more than her pay for that day. The other mother was out of work, her family of five relying solely on her husband’s income. Both families were in need of food. Immediately.

Indeed, for individuals and families living on minimum wage, or perhaps a fixed income, keeping up with daily expenses is a very difficult feat. For most, saving money becomes impossible. Any unexpected expense- like an illness or car trouble- can have instant and catastrophic economic impacts. Namely, homelessness and hunger. When these delicate situations arise in the lives of Florida’s working-class residents, food assistance programs like Farm Share become a critical safety net.

For thousands of Florida families, Farm Share means the difference between health and hunger. Low-income families struggle with food insecurity, housing insecurity, and more. So do the elderly, the disabled, and the unemployed. Farm Share has found a solution- a pathway to wellness- for these vulnerable communities. By providing those who need it most with surplus fruits and veggies straight from Florida’s world famous farms, Farm Share found a way to help Floridians help themselves.

Farm Share. Making the most of Florida’s finest resource- our neighbors.



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