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The Value of Volunteering: Farm Share & You

March 25, 2016

The power of volunteerism has become one of Farm Share’s greatest assets, thanks to the efforts of readers and supporters like you. Our volunteers and neighbors make our weekly food distributions possible: through their hands we distribute the meals that nourish Florida’s most vulnerable populations.

Last year, our volunteers lifted 32 million pounds of food onto tables that served 16 million Floridians. Donating over 165,000 hours of time throughout 2015, our volunteers also lifted their hearts to meet and greet the recipients of our programs, thereby building safer and healthier communities across the region.

Central Campesino After School Program Volunteers Happily Fill Farm Share Bags.

Farm Share volunteers know that giving back to their neighborhoods empowers them as individuals. In fact, our volunteers benefit in many ways from participating in Farm Share programs. For that reason, youth organizations around Florida participate regularly in Farm Share food distributions. The leaders of these programs understand the power of service-learning as a platform for youth development. Put simply, students love volunteering with Farm Share because it is an educational experience with a direct social impact.

Youth Volunteers From Christian Academy in Pahokee, Florida enjoy a Farm Share Distribution.

For youth struggling with the social problems common to low-income neighborhoods, Farm Share events provide youth with a sense of leadership that can prevent them from gang involvement, drug use, and other unhealthy behavior. “With Farm Share, volunteers get an opportunity to make an impact and see themselves as community leaders. We also come to understand the value of nutrition, healthy behaviors, and safe communities,” says Rosa, a student of Barry University.

A Barry University student smiles with a Farm Share volunteer.

“To see the impact that volunteering with Farm Share has on the youth- how Farm Share gives us all a way to they build healthy life-long friendships- is truly amazing,” says Rosa.

Through the support of donors, local social service agencies, and volunteers, Farm Share is feeding healthy families every single day in the state of Florida. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be a part of the ever-growing Farm Share family! Get involved at:

Volunteers and recipients from the Farm Share Distribution at the

Homestead Housing Authority are featured here, above and below.

Farm Share Feats! 

Army Volunteers Committed to Farm Share

Miami, Florida

March 9, 2016

The 482nd Fighter Wing provided 8 volunteers to produce pre-packaged food bags for Farm Share’s upcoming distributions. Specifically, they were able to bag 501 packages for a total weight of 3,408 pounds. These 8 men and women happily packed bags to feed hungry families. You can always be of service! It is never too much and you are never too young to give back to your community. The 482nd Fighter Wing is stationed at Homestead Air Reserve Base which is located less than 5 miles from Farm Share’s headquarters. In addition to the 482nd, there are other military branches located on the base as well including army, special operations command south, coast guard, homeland security and the Air National Guard. The 482nd has committed to help volunteer at Farm Share on the second Thursday of each month. We salute their efforts!

Spring Break Service-Learning Groups at the Farm Share Warehouse

Homestead, Florida

March 9, 2016

Students from Widener University and Penn State University visited the Homestead Farm Share facility  to fill bags of food for Farm Share families. The Professors were excited to teach these young adults about the realities of economic surplus and sustainability, using the Farm Share model as an example. “The Farm Share model is so engaging of diverse constiuencies while making such an evident social impact. It was easy for students to understand very difficult concepts by first exploring the Farm Share website and then taking action by volunteering at the Warehouse,” explained Dianne Malcolm, a professor at Penn State Universiy.

Spring Break Service-Learning Groups at the Farm Share Warehouse

Homestead, Florida

March 23, 2016

During their visit to Farm Share, service-learning students and volunteers from Hope College in Holland, Michigan  each described the Farm Share model in one word: Consistent Impactful Wise Resourceful Innovative Atruistic Awesome

Pahokee Distribution

Pahokee, Florida

March 24, 2016

Williams Park Video Miami, Florida March 25, 2016

CLICK on this link to see Farm Share’s work for yourself:  FARM SHARE AND MIAMI POLICE OVERTOWN DISTRIBUTION VIDEO

Over 1,800 viewers have watched:   Farm Share in action! 

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