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Who will give a BUCK...about Food Insecurity??!!

With millions of Floridians including 1 million children who are under the choke-hold of food insecurity will YOU give a BUCK? Farm Share is giving you an opportunity to make a difference and impact the fight versus hunger in Florida! Let's fight food insecurity in Florida together and GIVE a BUCK today!!

The Farm Share team is asking the public to send a donation -if they are able- in order to help us raise funds in order to support Farm Share's fight versus hunger. We not asking for you to send us 1000$ or anything close unless you are able & willing...Team Farm Share is asking that if you have the fortune of having a few dollars to donate, that you click on the DONATE button and send us 5$ or 10$ or 15$ if you are able. The farm Share team can turn your donations into meals:

$ 5 will produce 45 meals

$ 10 will produce 90 meals and

$ 15 will produce 135 meals!

For a 25$ donation we will send you a limited edition "Give a BUCK t-shirt"! Show the world that you GAVE A BUCK to help us fight food insecurity in Florida. Leave us your size in the "NOTES" section so we know what size to send you! (All $ 100 Donations will also receive a "GIVE A BUCK- T-Shirt" until supplies lasts)

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