Due to high inflation and rising cost of living, many hard working families in South Florida have had to choose between feeding themselves or feeding their pets.  Farm Share has partnered with the ASPCA to make sure we do what we can to keep pets safe and healthy at home with their families where they belong. But, we need YOUR help...

Food Insecurity & pet families
in 2022


Pets have been a constant companion to a lot of the Floridians we serve on a daily basis. The team at Farm Share began to collect stories from families during the pandemic telling us how they did did not have enough money to care for their pets. The ASPCA was aware of the urgent needs of pet owners.  Both organizations got together to address this issue together!

Why is Farm Share getting involved in pet food? Great question! We have typically dealt in food for people in need only. However, Farm Share prioritizes ensuring that families experiencing food insecurity are able to continue providing for their pets. While serving Florida’s communities through the pandemic, the stress of economic challenges has not gone unnoticed. Help us make sure that those families who are food insecure, have a fighting chance to keep their pets safe and health at home where they belong. Pets are a part of our families and Farm Share serves families. 

Our work with the ASPCA


Farm Share, as Florida’s largest independent food bank, will continue to be a leader in feeding hungry families, children, seniors and individuals in need in 2022.  Knowing how much pets influence the mental health and overall quality of life of the people we serve, we have decided to ask for your help in order to move our program forward! The ASPCA has been an amazing partner of ours, and Farm Share is looking to raise an additional $150,000 in honor of the ASPCA grant to provide even more pet food to Miami families and their pets.​

You can double the power of the contribution made by the ASPCA sending us your donation today. If you are fortunate enough to have something to donate, know that your donation will go towards feeding someone's pet who is in need of assistance. Ultimately, your donation will help that person's quality of life and their well-being with their pets. Sometimes pets are the only companions some people have and at times a family is not complete without their pet.

How can you help us keep pet families together...


Farm Share needs the help of those individuals who have been fortunate enough to have extra money to give and to help those hard working Floridians who are struggling. This is your opportunity to make a difference and help pet families stay together. Donate today!