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To reduce food waste and feed people during Food Waste Prevention Week, Farm Share is proud to be a part of the Food Bank Challenge. Donate below in order to help us #SaveTheFood in Florida!!​

Farm Share is proud to be a part of Food Waste Prevention Week 2022. Farm Share has been a leader in lowering food waste in Florida for the past 30 years, acquiring between 20 and 40 million pounds of produce annually.  This year, we are going strong with the FOOD BANK CHALLENGE! The #FoodBankChallenge allows Farm Share to represent the sate of Florida in an interstate competition to see what state can raise the most money. The more donations we receive, the more food we can save and the more people we can feed!!

We thank you for joining us in our mission to lower food waste and -simultaneously- feed those in need! Below are some ways you can help...

If you are able to donate, here is how your donation will be impacting those in need:

$ 5 will produce 45 meals

$ 10 will produce 90 meals and

$ 15 will produce 135 meals!

DONATE and Support us TODAY!!

Below are other ways you can help us #SaveTheFood


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