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Florida's Children are Going Hungry!

Farm Share is dedicated to making sure no person goes hungry in Florida. Our biggest worry on a daily basis is the fact that there are about 850,000 currently going hungry in the state of Florida. These children are under the care of parents who have experienced layoffs, sickness, home schooling and not maybe even evictions. Some parents are disabled and are in need of care and medicine. Some parents in Florida have two jobs to make up for their spouse being laid-off and having to stay home with the kids. This has caused an epidemic amongst the pandemic in 2020 and 2021.

With a stagnate economy and huge challenges ahead, the state of Florida faces terrible numbers of food insecurity among children in 2021. Farm Share has been in the front lines since day one of the pandemic and we are starting to see more and more children in food distribution lines. Children have to be in those cars for hours and sometimes even sleep in those cars from the night before so that their families can eat that day. The psychological effect that this has on children is vast. Farm Share is dedicated to not only feeding these children but we are also focused on making sure they have a healthy meal. farm Share gets our donations from the best of Florida Farms and their Farmers have provided us with fruits and vegetables that fill 20% to 25 % of all our food distribution boxes.

If you can donate, please do. We need help feeding the children who are going hungry in the state of Florida. Click on the donate button on our homepage.

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