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Hurricane Idalia Farm Share convoy

MIAMI Farm Share, Florida's leading non-profit organization and the state's largest food bank, is diligently preparing for the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia’s landfall. The organization is taking proactive measures to ensure that vital resources are readily available for those in need, wherever the storm most impacts Floridians.

Farm Share is strategically positioning trucks loaded with crucial provisions, including food and water, in advance of the impending storm. The organization plans to conduct community relief operations in areas most affected by the storm as soon as roads reopen.

On August 30th Thursday was all hands on deck with 3 semi trucks heading to Perry, 1 semi truck to Madison, 1 box truck to Lake City and 1 box truck to Homosassa with supplies.

Thursday night the Farm Share team in collaboration with the City of Sweetwater and Mayor Jose Diaz organized a Hurricane Idalia disaster relief effort convoy heading from Dolphin Mall in Miami, Florida to the most effected areas in Northern Florida. Farm Share is providing 2 semi trucks to Madison, 1 semi truck to Stienhatchee full with water and MREs on that arrive on Friday August 31st.

We also have distribution of supplies on Friday at

Riverside Elementary School 1625 Walker Avenue

Live Oak, FL 32064

Suwanee County Fair Coliseum

1302 11th Street SW

Live Oak, FL 32064

Lafayette County High School

160 NE Hornet Drive

Mayo, FL 32067

Our emergency relief efforts is also comprised of partnering with Global Empowerment Mission GEM, in building emergency relief packages with canned food, water, MREs and hygiene products.

For more information follow Farm Share on our website and social media @farmsharefl

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