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About Us

Farm Share is Florida’s homegrown food bank. Founded for and by Floridians, Farm Share has been serving those under food insecurity since 1991 with the simple but innovative idea to recover crops from Florida farmers in order to distribute fresh and nutritious food to Floridians in need. 30 years after our inception we have fed millions, saved millions of pounds of food from going to waste and are now Florida's largest independent food bank! 


In May, we are...
Bloomin For Good!

The month of May has been blooming with color and beauty thanks to our friends at Winn-Dixie. Throughout the month of May, every time you buy a "Bloomin For Good" bouquet with the special RED TAG, Winn-Dixie will donate $1 to Farm Share. $1 equals to 10 meals for an individual under food insecurity in Florida. 

Due to high prices in many industries and products, Floridians are being affected negatively and are struggling to pay bills and buy food. Farm Share is dedicated to making sure that NO PERSON GOES HUNGRY in Florida! Help us fight food insecurity and buy your flowers at Winn-Dixie in order to provide 10 meals for someone in need! 

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How Can You Help?


With your company's help Farm Share can bring a semi-truck containing fresh nutritious food to identified communities in need and distribute it to over 1,000 hungry families. Contact us for partnership opportunities! 


Your nonprofit organization can partner with Farm Share in order to distribute food to Floridians who need it. Sponsor and execute Food Distributions or become a Farm Share Food Pantry! Contact us for information.


Volunteer at Farm Share!

Individuals or groups can now volunteer at Farm Share in order to help us feed the hungry in Florida! Click below for more information and contact link!

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Do you need food assistance?

To find a food pantry in your area click on the "Food Pantry" button below to obtain food today or click on one of the events below to be taken to our Food Distribution Calendar page.