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Farm Share Receives a sponsorship from The Cigna Group for addressing food insecurity in Florida.

Miami, Florida – Farm Share has been awarded a $10,000 grant from The Cigna group to address

food insecurity in Florida.

Today in Florida, over 4,000,000 people face food insecurity – of which over 900,000 are children. To the surprise of most people, this statistic also includes blue-collar workers, small business owners, nurses, school teachers and hospitality workers who, despite their employment, struggle to pay their household bills and put food on the tables. This sponsorship will help us fund our logistics and provide fuel for our trucks that distribute resources to underserved communities in Florida.

“We’re grateful for the outstanding dedication of Cigna and its employees,” said Stephen Shelley, President and CEO of Farm Share. “Thanks to the support from organizations like Cigna, Farm Share is able to deliver over 8.5 million pounds of food to Florida families and food pantries each month.”

For more information about Farm Share, please visit

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