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Farm Share Breaks Through Mural

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

"Farm Share Breaks Through" by Murals Miami. Sponsored by MOLINA HEALTHCARE

Murals Miami, focused on the iconic Farm Share red truck, which are beacons of hope and life to those who are going hungry. Depicting the powerful and transformational impact Farm Share has on the lives of food-insecure individuals, Murals Miami painted the red truck bursting through a wall with fruits and vegetables surrounding the vehicle.

Murals Miami is a team of artists that are passionate about mural art and bringing the art form to an elevated field. They have worked with top corporations and have worked on beautification projects all over Miami. The first mural they worked on was “Farm Share Breaks Through”. This mural focused on the iconic Farm Share red truck. Our red trucks are beacons of hope and life top those who are going hungry. When people are waiting in car lines for hours and entire families are depending on our deliveries, we are aware of what the site of one of our Farm Share trucks means to them. In order to capture the concept of the hope that the Farm Share trucks brings during “Tough times” Miami Murals wanted to capture a moment in action as a Farm Share truck bursts through a brick wall. The truck shows its strength and resilience that the Farm Share team had during the pandemic by not skipping a beat and delivering more food to Floridians than ever before.

This mural was sponsored by Molina Healthcare and was part of the True Grit Mural Project in Homestead, Miami. Weeks before Miami Art Week / Miami Art Basel 2021, the True Grit Mural Project brought talent together to fight hunger through art!

“We’re ecstatic at how spectacularly these talented artists were able to make our warehouse space come alive and visually represent the very serious issue of food insecurity that Florida faces,” said Stephen Shelley, CEO of Farm Share. “We at Farm Share combat this profound challenge every day, and we’re thankful to everyone who helped make this dream become a reality.”

Shelley gave special praise to Jason Jurado, who came up with the Arts District-esque idea when touring Farm Share’s warehouses, and to Molina Healthcare, which generously sponsored the project. The five murals were designed and painted by Murals Miami and famous graffiti writer ESKAE, with Jurado curating the project. Murals Miami is a team of artists consisting of Julian “The Audetor” Gonzalez, Victor "The Viper" Giraldo and “BRUTE”.

“We wanted to have large scale inspiring murals installed that would serve 3 main functions: to bring awareness to the issue of food insecurity, to pay homage to Florida farmers, and to provide those who labor at the warehouse a new bright and artistic environment to work in,” said project curator Jason Jurado.

“Molina shares Farm Share’s mission to address food insecurity and distribute fresh and nutritious food to Floridians in need,” said Mike Jones, plan president of Molina Healthcare of Florida. “This mural is a great representation of our continuing eight-year commitment to Farm Share.”

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