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Farm Share continues their mission with the ASPCA

The ASPCA and the Farm Share team have been working together in the Liberty City area to bring pet food to our food distributions. Some may ask why farm Share would do that. The answer is that Farm Share believes that our pets are a part of our families, We believe that our pets bring us comfort and a sense of safety.

During the pandemic, some were faced with the choice of feeding their pets or feeding themselves. This led to folks bringing their pets back to the shelter. This caused several things to happen. WE had large numbers of pets back at the shelters and families left saddened during the darkest times in their lives. The ASPCA and Farm Share saw was was taking place and decided to act. We devised a plan to have pet food for dogs and cats to be passed out during our food distributions so that people had food for themselves and their furry friends.

Last month we decided to host a "Pet Food Only" event and it was a HUGE success. We are trying to find ways to serve more communities and we have had events in Coconut Grove, South Miami, Homestead and in Overtown. We would like to thank the ASPCA for their support and their willingness to help our community get back on its feet. Check out the images below from our partnership!!

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