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Farm Share hopes to continue it's partnership with the Florida legislature.

After an unprecedented 2020 in which we encountered a worldwide pandemic, never before seen government shut in orders and skyrocketing unemployment, supply chain issues and food shortages, it was hoped that 2021 would get things moving back to normal. Unfortunately, 2021 brought much of the same but added to its list of challenges record levels of inflation.

Even before the pandemic began, approximately 13% of all Floridians did not know where their next meal would come from, including more than 850,000 children. As a result of the record inflation and continuing pandemic fallout, these numbers continue to climb and also now include many hardworking families. Many of these families have found that as a result of the increasing cost of household staples such as food, gas and rent by double digit percentages, they have suddenly found themselves financially challenged. These families represent your community teachers, nurses and small business owners who have now turned to local food banks like Farm Share to help feed their families.

Farm Share needs the help of the Florida legislature to make sure it continues to have the resources it needs to acquire, store and distribute food products to Floridians in need and continue to meet the elevated food demand statewide. Our partnership with the Florida Legislature has enabled us to feed millions of people during their toughest times, ensure children have the nutrition they need to learn, and provide much needed food to the fixed income elderly. We hope we can count on the Florida Legislature this year to continue this partnership.

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