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Farm Share LOVES Volunteers!

We have been receiving a lot of calls and comments about volunteering for Farm Share. We are very happy to have your interest and to see so many of you want to join us while we feed the state of Florida in 2021. Here is how you can help....

We take groups of 6 every week at our warehouses. The volunteers will be prepacking boxes and bags full of food for the week's distributions and food pantries. Even though we participate in a lot of food distributions, 90% of our food goes to Farm Share food pantries in Florida. These may be churches, community centers and places in town where you can go pick up food on any day. You can find a listing of all our food pantries at:

If you and 5 friends (Or more) would like to join us, contact us and we will send you a release form for you and your friends to sign so that we can start scheduling you to come and do prepacking at our warehouses.

The second way to volunteer is to do it at a food distribution. For this you will have to look over our events calendar on FarmShare.Org or on Facebook and download the flyer to the event you would like to volunteer for. Once you have the event flyer, you can contact the person in charge (Listed on the flyer) and ask if you can join them. You will then be scheduled to volunteer for the event.

If you are a student or in need of community hours for volunteering, contact Gil@FarmShare.Org for more information.


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