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Founder Flyby Mural at Farm Share

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Founder Flyby by Murals Miami. Sponsored by MOLINA HEALTHCARE

The front mural is a beautiful depiction of a farm scene. The farm scene is the continuance of this projects focus on honoring the Florida farmers. The mural has a typical farm scene done in spray paint with modern street art methodology. Murals Miami added elements of modern art technique to a very typical scene in order to bring out the color and detail of the piece. The final touch was a biplane being flown by the Farm Share founder Ms. Patricia Robbins who the warehouse is named after. This piece was painted by artists Victor "The Viper" Giraldo.

Florida farmers have had it very tough and it has not been easy for them to get back on their feet. Nevertheless, the Florida farmers donated millions of pounds of food to Farm Share during the past 18 months and we could not feed the amount of people we feed at Farm Share without their goodwill.

Farm Share is a nonprofit organization and we depend on the goodness of those who donate to us in order to continue performing our work towards our mission. Without the generosity of farmers, we would not have the amazing quality of food donations we provide at Farm Share. 25% to 30% of all our donations were fresh fruits and vegetables because of the donations that came in from Florida fruit and vegetable farmers. There was no way that we could execute this project without making the Florida farmer a focus of the work.

This mural was sponsored by Molina Healthcare and was part of the True Grit Mural Project in Homestead, Miami. Weeks before Miami Art Week / Miami Art Basel 2021, the True Grit Mural Project brought talent together to fight hunger through art!

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