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Giving Days in November 2021 for Farm Share

Farm Share is looking forward to receiving donations and support from those who can donate this November. November 18th is Miami Give Day #MiamiGIveDay in Miami Florida for a lot of nonprofits. November 30th is Giving Tuesday #Givingtuesday in the US and we hope that both of these opportunities to give and to support Farm Share are taken by those who wish to fight hunger with us in Florida. Why should you donate to a food bank and most importantly, why donate to farm Share??

Farm Share can stretch all donations due to our economies of scale. We are Florida's largest most efficient independent and food bank. We are able to work with our network of statewide partners to make sure that your donations are going toward feeding those in need. We have very few employees and we have a large statewide operation for a nonprofit food bank. Many ask "How do you do it?", and we respond by noting that we are truly passionate about ending food insecurity in Florida.

Currently, we have 3.9 million Floridians including 1 million children that are under food insecurity for the holiday season. Farm Share feels strongly about making sure there are no empty table in Florida this year. With any donation we can feed Florida's Families and feed those that are under food insecurity in Florida. Go to our giving page to see if you can send us some help for the holiday season in 2021. Donate to our food bank and help us beat hunger at:

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