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Farm Share Jacksonville 

14125 SW 320th St. 

Homestead, FL, 33033

Phone: 904-328-6158

Fax: 305-907-5846

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Phone: 850-743-9110

White Feather

Jacksonville Warehouse

1460 Vantage Way South, Suite 100 Jacksonville, FL  32218

Matthew Galen

Facility Manager

Karen Zasada

TEFAP Coordinator

Hubert Hodges

Warehouse Manager

Leighsha Johnson

Community Distribution Coordinator


When disasters strike, Farm Share is also first on the scene with support as a reliable responder. For more than 20 years, our team has played a crucial role in assisting before, after, and for years following hurricanes, fires, and other occurrences like the 2019 government shutdown. tornadoes and other natural disasters.

To maximize its distribution efforts and lessen its response time during disaster relief operations, Farm Share has strategically positioned its warehouses in Quincy, Jacksonville, Pompano Beach, Homestead and Florida City. Farm Share also owns and operates a fleet of semi-trucks and refrigerated box trucks that it uses to acquire,distribute and move food and supplies.  This statewide distribution network allows Farm Share to feed hungry people from Pensacola to Key West and everywhere in between.

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