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Children in Florida in risk of malnutrition!

It is February of 2021 and we are still witnessing high levels of unemployment, huge demand for food at food pantries and food distributions and children are still not back in school at the normal rates. Florida is still very much under the foot hold of food insecurity.

Food insecurity touches so many facets of our daily lives that it is almost impossible to dig deep into that type of subject matter. One subject we cannot afford to look away from is the risk of huge levels of malnutrition among Florida's children. Due to high numbers of absent children from school and the fact that the children not going to school are the same who are under Free Lunch benefits from the public school system and have nor been getting the daily nutrition they are use to.

Farm Share has teamed up with several community partners to emphasize health and nutrition. Farm Share focuses on providing anywhere from 20% to 25% fresh produce in their donations to the community. There are always times of crop shortages and logistical issues that may not allow us to provide that level of nutrition nevertheless, we have been able to hit our target numbers of 20% to 25% throughout the pandemic and throughout most of our existence as an organization. Farm Share will continue to provide that same level of nutrition if not better for our families and for our children. We know where our food is going and so we are extra careful to make sure we provide the very best for Floridians in need.

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