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Farm Share at Surfside Disaster Site

The Farm Share Team was proud to serve the Surfside community during their darkest of times. We were able to drop off food for the families that were affected on the first night and left one of our trucks parked there in order to help with their perishable donations.

In addition, we were able to serve Local 1403 and the Miami Firefighters and Fire rescue during operations. We are prod of our work at Surfside and hope to continue helping that community get back on its feet after such a terrible disaster.

We are Florida's food bank however, we execute operations during disasters and we never allow anyone to go hungry if we can do anything about it. We would like to thank those members of our team who sacrificed night after night in order to serve when needed. We continue to pray and to send our deepest condolences to those affected by this terrible tragedy. Thank you for allowing Farm Share to serve.

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