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Farm Share, Florida farmers and the Florida legislature in 2022.

Farm Share has developed strong partnerships with Florida’s farmers to generate a constant supply of fresh fruits and vegetables that are distributed to children, the elderly and individuals throughout Florida.

These healthy and nutritious food products are integral for increasing the ability of children to learn, develop and grow and maintain bone strength and organ function in the advanced aged.

On average, Farm Share acquires between 20 and 40 million pounds of produce annually. This produce is moved using our fleet of refrigerated semi-trucks and box trucks, briefly stored at one of our 8 regional warehouses and then distributed to hungry families, children, seniors and individuals, all within 48 hours.

The farmers benefit by avoiding costly dump fees, or burning fuel to plow the crops under in the field. They are also able to claim federal tax deductions, up to 2 times the cost of good sold and carry that deduction forward for 5 years.

Farm Share is grateful to the farmers of Florida for their partnership and participation in helping to feed those less fortunate and hard working families in Florida.

However, acquiring the produce is only step one, it cost substantial monies to move it, store it and distribute it. This is where we need the continued financial support from the Florida Legislature to provide Farm Share the operational dollars it needs to be successful. Therefore, we are hoping that you will support fully funding Farm Share’s appropriation again this year.

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