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Farm Share, Florida Milk Farmers & Miami Children's Museum Celebrate Health Day!

Farm Share focuses on providing those in need with healthy meals. Due to our close relationship with Florida farmers and organizations like the Florida Milk Farmers, we are able to provide 20% to 25% fresh produce and proteins for our donations.

A lot of times we are asked -why we focus so much on produce? and -why don't you cut costs by giving more canned and dry goods? The answer is simple. We know and love those who we serve. We are not an outside organization who opened operations in Florida. Farm Share is not an organization who started because of COVID-19. We have been providing food for those in need since 1991 and we pride ourselves in working with Florida farmers to make sure we feed the hungry and not allow good food go to waste.

Farm Share is born and bread in Florida, we are made or Floridians who love and care for our great state of Florida. We are proud to serve Floridians everyday and make sure that they are fed! When you are donating to Farm Share, you are donating to an organization who will dedicate itself to pouring every penny into feeding Floridians. Last Saturday we teamed up with the Florida Farmers and the Miami Children's Museum to celebrate Health Day. A day dedicated to bringing awareness to health in kids and the importance of nutrition among Florida's kids! Check out the pictures below with our friends from the Florida Panthers, Miami Marlins, City National Bank of Florida and GOLAZO From the Miami Soccer Club Inter Miami!!


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