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Farm Share on TWISF on WPLG10 in order to talk about the potential food shortage crisis

Glenna Milberg and Michael Putney from "This Week in South Florida" cover politics in South Florida nd all over Florida for WPLG Channel 10 in Miami, FL. Their show is focused on the events that affects citizens in Florida and the politics that can help us.

Farm Share was invited to come on This Week in South Florida (TWISF) to talk about the food shortage issue we are having. Farm Share's CEO Stephen Shelley speaks about how Food banks are experiencing the same demand for food due to the economic issues like inflation and the rise of housing prices in Florida. Hardworking families are having to go back to the food pantries and food distributions even after getting their jobs back. People that did not think they would need food assistance, do, because of the huge rise in cost of living in Florida. Farm Share is leading the charge in telling elected officials and the public about how food banks need federal funding and food supply in order to continue to serve those under food insecurity in 2022.

We currently have over 4 million people in Florida that are under food insecurity. Farm Share is dedicated to making sure No Person Goes Hungry in Florida! Check out the video on our BLOG! Go to for more information.

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Dmitro Makovetskiy
Dmitro Makovetskiy

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