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Farm Share participates in Give Miami Day 2022!!

Farm Share, Florida's largest food bank is participating in Give Miami Day!

Miami Give Day is dedicated to allowing nonprofit organizations who service Miami to receive donations. Give Miami Day will be on Thursday, November 17, 2022 and will be a 24 hour event. farm Share has had a tough year and needs all the help we can get.

Established in 1991, farm Share started with the innovative concept of picking up food from Florida farms and redistributing the food to those in need. We began operations in Homestead, FL and have expanded to serve the entire state of Florida as a food bank.

Farm Share, Florida’s homegrown food bank in now Florida’s largest independent food bank and the nation’s 3rd largest. We are a nonprofit organization who focuses on fighting food insecurity in Florida while simultaneously reducing food waste from Florida farms. Our team picks up fresh fruits and vegetables from Florida farmers in order to redistribute that food to neighborhoods and communities in need throughout all 67 counties in the state of Florida. We are proud to serve our beautiful state and those who need food assistance in order to keep our state free of hunger and full of productivity.

Farm Share works closely with Florida’s agricultural community and community partners and food agencies in order to perform our mission. Due to our strong ties within these groups, we have been able to distribute hundreds of millions of pounds of food to people in need. We are a group of dedicated and passionate individuals who care about making sure that food insecurity is obliterated in Florida. We do everything possible to make sure that if someone is in need of food, that they are able to receive it FREE of charge. Farm Share prides itself on not ever charging fees for our services or for the food we deliver.

As one can imagine, picking up and redistributing hundreds of millions of pounds of food a year takes fuel, labor, materials and infrastructure like warehouses and trucks. Since we do everything for free we must depend on donations of food and monetary donations in order to operate every day. The past few years have been very challenging for food banks due to skyrocketing demand for our services related to COVID-19 and now decades high inflation. At the same time, supply chain issues have made access to food difficult and monetary donations have also slowed considerably while operating costs have soared. If additional monetary sources are not found to offset the ever increasing operational costs of labor, gas, utilities, rent and truck maintenance, Farm Share will be forced to cut services at time when food insecurity is still running at record levels.

Here is the link to our page:

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