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Farm Share receives support from Molina Cares Charitable Foundation

Farm Share, Florida's largest independent food bank has received a major gift donation for hurricane relief. Molina Healthcare and the Molina Cares Charitable Foundation have decided to endowed Farm Share with $100.000.00 for our efforts for our disaster and hurricane relief in Florida. Farm Share has been on the Florida SW coast since the beginning of hurricane relief efforts and will remain there until they have recovered.

Molina Cares has been part of Team Farm Share for years and has contributed to many projects regarding the fight versus hunger. Molina Cares has sponsored our truck fleet as well and so the trucks they have sponsored have helped us haul many loads to hurricane affected areas. So far, Farm Share has delivered over 2 million pounds of aid to SW Florida and Molina Cares has been a huge part of that effort.

Now that tey have given Farm Share this generous donation, Farm Share will have enough to continue serving the affected areas and continue helping Florida recover. Farm Share has been affected by high labor, fuel and operational costs this year and this type of support helps us move the needle in the fight versus hunger and in our hurricane relief efforts.

Farm Share, its board, its volunteers and the people we serve are very grateful to Molina Cares and Molina Healthcare for their love and support for us and the work we do.

If an organization wishes to donate to farm Share and our efforts in hurricane relief or in the fight versus hunger, contact us at: or donate here:

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