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Farm Share will need federal funding and food supply in order to feed those under food insecurity

Farm Share is grateful for the attention from the statewide media and local media that has helped us tell the story of the potential food shortage issue. Due to high inflation and supply chain issues in 2022, food banks are not able to get enough food to get their hands on food for their warehouses. Private donations are low and federal funding has all but dried up. Food banks are being left to struggle to feed those in need as that number grows daily.

Some of our partner food banks have also had a hard time filling their trucks and warehouses. This will eventually lead to a huge food shortage that can only be resolved by federal aid and food supply. We will need members of congress to step up and put all political differences aside in order to work together in order to feed those under food insecurity. Farm Share warehouses fuel food pantries and food distributions throughout the state of Florida and we will need to continue doing that this fall and winter. It is imperative that we fight to obtain funding and food in order to feed the almost 4 million Floridians that are under food insecurity.

One million of those 4 million that are under food insecurity are children. We are responsible for the kids and seniors in our community and wee need to make sure that we do what we can to feed them and not have them experience depression, anxiety or malnutrition.

Look at the images below to see some sobering images of our warehouse 6 months ago in comparison to last week. Here is a link for an article from the Sun Sentinel:

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