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Farm Share wins Broward TEFAP award and Feeding South Florida is upset

There is currently a misinformation campaign being waged by the second place applicant, Feeding South Florida, related to the recent TEFAP awards that were issued by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). The purpose of this misinformation campaign is to confuse the media, public and elected officials as to the what the true facts are related to the award process and to tarnish Farm Share’s reputation and standing in the community. In a time where food insecurity has become a household discussion, and communities throughout the state are still recovering from a once and a life time pandemic, it is disheartening to see a so much energy being devoted to preserving one’s self interest and not the betterment of the hungry people we as food banks were created to serve.

Farm Share has the experience, knowledge and resources to administer all TEFAP regions awarded to it under the most recent RFA process. The process was fair, thorough and impartial and Farm Share provided a complete and accurate application as part of the RFA process. Therefore, there are no legitimate grounds in which to overturn or modify any region awarded to Farm Share and Feeding South Florida’s misinformation campaign should be seen for what it is, a self-serving attempt to undermine a fair and impartial bid process.

Farm Share CEO - Stephen Shelley


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