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Florida's hardworking families are struggling!

Farm Share has been, and continues to be, on the front lines in the fight against food insecurity in Florida. As a result, we see first-hand how sky rocketing inflation and continuing pandemic fallout is affecting Floridians access to food.

Many grocery stores are struggling to keep their shelves stocked and what food is available is priced at a premium. Grocery store food prices increased by nearly 8% in 2021 with overall meat prices increasing by 16%. To make matters worse, some experts have forecast that producers and retailers will start passing on higher labor and supply costs to consumers starting in January 2022, potentially pushing up food prices by as much as 20% more.

These unexpected food price increases are in addition to substantial price increases for gas, rent and other household staples. These inflationary price increases are all coming on the heels of a unprecedented pandemic that already stretched many working families to the brink. Now many blue collar workers are struggling to make ends meet, including feeding their families.

These are your community teachers, nurses, cruise and hospitality industry workers and college students. These families and individuals are turning to food banks like Farm Share to put life sustaining food on their tables.

Farm Share, as Florida’s largest intendent food bank, continues to be a leader in feeding hungry family, children, seniors and individuals in need. With eight (8) regional warehouses and fleet of refrigerated semi-trucks and box trucks, Farm Share distributed more than 118 million pounds of food last fiscal year and more than 135 million pounds during the first 12 months of the COVID pandemic.

However, we can’t accomplish our mission without the funding, support and continued partnership of the Florida Legislature. Therefore, we are hoping to continue our longstanding tradition of working together to feed the hungry, less fortunate and hardworking blue collar workers throughout Florida. Please support fully funding Farm Share’s appropriation request again this year.

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