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Food banks are struggling to keep the warehouses full in Florida

Farm Share is leading the charge in telling as many people as possible about the possible food shortage crisis that may hit Florida's food banks in 2022. Due to inflation and other economic factors, hardworking blue collar families are deep in the red and are not being able to pay bills and feed their families.

A family that has two employed parents may still be having a very hard time paying for the housing and the utilities in their house, as well as gas and household staples. That leaves little to nothing for food or for medicine. Children are growing up under malnutrition. Seniors are living with depression and anxiety. All due to food insecurity among those in Florida.

Farm Share is doing all they can to try to advise congress to please pass emergency aid bills to pass this year in order to boost the funding and the food supply levels at those that are needed to fill the demand that is being faced by food banks in 2022. We have had luck in having been covered bu CBS, NBC, ABC, WPLG Miami, the Sun Sentinel and MEGA Television regarding this issue and we hope that other media outlets help us talk about this issue.

Please look over our social media at FARMSHAREFL or look at the links and images below...

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