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Food demand increases in Florida!

"Last year at this time, the coronavirus had not really impacted the state. In the months to come, however, the stay-at-home orders and shutdowns came, forcing the layoffs of hundreds of thousands of workers and the temporary closure of businesses.

“At the end of the year, the case counts went up and people stopped going out again and businesses started to collapse, that is when you saw the second peak...That’s where we are today, which is still substantially elevated compared to the same time last year, a 60 percent increase overall,” said Stephen Shelley, President and CEO of Farm Share."

The above is from a recent story by Hank Tester from CBS4 in Miami, FL. Here is the link...

The piece touches on the second peek of the demand for food and help during the pandemic. CEO of Farm Share Stephen Shelley talks about how bad things still are and what Farm Share will be doing to fight hunger in Florida in 2021. Give the article a read and tell us what you think!!

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