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Support Farm Share on Give Miami Day

Give Miami Day is geared towards helping nonprofit organizations obtain donations at the start of giving season. Give Miami Day is for nonprofits who are dedicated to serving Miami and the beautiful people who reside in Miami. Miami is a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds and has a lot of beauty. However, it has a lot of need for food assistance as well. farm Share has been serving Miami since it's foundation. We started here in Homestead, FL and have developed to serve the state of Florida including Miami!

The Miami Foundation is an amazing organization who has given us an opportunity to join them in 2022 in order to get donations for our food bank operations. Farm Share is dedicated to fighting food insecurity and food waste and has grown to be Florida's largest food bank.

There are 4.2 million Floridians under food insecurity including 1 million children under the age of 15. The majority of these food insecure Floridians are blue collar workers such as teachers, nurses, small business owners and hospitality industry employees. Without food banks like Farm Share they will not have consistent access to life sustaining food leading to malnutrition and learning disabilities for children and lower productivity for adults. Farm Share is fighting food insecurity everyday and has dedicated itself to eliminating hunger throughout Florida.

Donate on the Give Miami Day Page Farm Share page on Thursday -NOVEMBER 17th:

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