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Support Farm Share this Giving Tuesday and fight hunger with us!

Food insecurity affects many layers of society. Allowing high levels of food insecurity affects the following: Mental health issues among adults and children, high malnutrition among children, low attention spans on Florida's students, higher levels of crime & low work productivity for those who are employed. Farm Share is fighting food insecurity and all levels of hunger in Florida. on #GivingTuesday you can support Farm Share and join the fight versus food insecurity. Giving Tuesday gives you an opportunity to give to a nonprofit that works toward a cause you may feel strongly about. We ask that you look into our organization so that you can see why you should donate to Farm Share this Giving Tuesday if fighting hunger is something you would like to be a part of.

Those under food insecurity are more often than not hard working families that are being tied down by a recovering economy as their cost of living has gone up at record levels in Florida. Our team is doing everything we can on a daily basis to make sure that the above mentioned symptoms of food insecurity do not affect the future productivity and prosperity of the state of Florida and Floridians. Farm Share goes out of our way to stretch every dollar that is donated. Due to our economies of scale, Farm Share is able to take your donation and stretch it so that every cent is utilized toward feeding those under food insecurity in Florida. Every $10 donation provides 90 meals! Every $100 donation provides 850 meals! Every $500 donation provides Florida families with 4280 meals this holiday season!!

You can learn more about Farm Share in the following nonprofit sites:



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