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The Tokyo Olympic Games have started!!

Team Farm Share is all about supporting the home team and so we are proud to be a part of the Olympic Games this year. With our friends at NBC we are able to bring the games to living rooms everywhere. Being Florida's food bank is not easy and so we are asking for support from Floridians to help us continue to help Florida recover. The name of our spot is "Farm Share is BRINGING COLOR and HOPE!" and it started as an idea from Jenn Poggie at Sachs media, was developed as a collaboration with Farm Share Marketing and grew to the amazing presentation of hope and support that is running during the Olympic Games.

The spot emphasizes the dark times we are recovering from and notes how Farm Share has helped Florida recover from the very beginning. The spot develops into a great display of color and life as the food is put into the trunks on the cars to show how food brings life and hope to those who need assistance.

Check out the spot!!

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