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Tyler Herro supports Overtown with the OYC and Farm Share

We are always surprised by the people who come out to help us. At times it is someone who has received help from us in the past. At times, our help comes from amazing volunteers that are willing to take time out to help. Sometimes we have elected officials who really do care about the citizens they serve, join us. It is rare to see celebrities' and athletes take time to do something that requires time and true effort to do. We are blessed to have the support of Mr. Alonzo Mourning and and we get great support from the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Miami Marlins. Last month, we had the great pleasure of joining forces with Mr. Tyler Herro!! The Miami Heat star joined us in Overtown to pass out backpacks and food for those in need in the Overtown area. Tyler Herro did not just send us support, he had his staff from the Tyler Herro Foundation join him during a food distribution. Tyler Herro stood back and spoke to some young people regarding the importance of perseverance and hard work.

We were proud to serve along side Tyler Herro and the Tyler Herro Foundation with the Overtown Youth Center. This will not be the last time that we we will work with Tyler Herro as he is someone who we know will continue to support our community. Check out the video and pictures here and on our Facebook

and Instagram pages!!

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