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Why is the media only covering one side of the TEFAP story?

In order to have any chance of overturning the TEFAP awards, since the facts are not in their favor, Feeding South Florida must rely on a misinformation campaign and convince those who are unfamiliar with the bid process, TEFAP program and food banking in general that they have been wronged and that the media and elected officials should intervene on their behalf. These actions are not being taken for the greater good but instead only to benefit Feeding South Florida’s own best interest.

Feeding South Florida would have you believe that if they do not retain the TEFAP program that Broward and Palm Beach Counties will be negatively affected and people will go hungry. This is not true and causes unnecessary panic and anxiety for those who rely on this food to feed their families. The volume of TEFAP food that will flow to each region is the same regardless of the provider chosen to administer the TEFAP contract. Therefore, Broward and Palm Beach Counties will continue to be allocated and receive the same volume of food regardless of whether or not Feeding South Florida retains the contract.

Two news stations have had to delete or retract stories this past week due to misinformation sent out by Feeding South Florida. Their fear campaign has affected a lot of people and has brought panic to some who do not understand how food banks work. They affected the opinion of elected officials who are ignorant to who Farm Share is and our scope of work in Florida. We fear that Feeding South Florida will stop at nothing in order to keep their terretory, including lying and bringing fear instead of food for South Floridians.

A perfect example is the article below...

Food program dispute could spill into Florida governor race - South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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