Farm Share--A Large-Scale Florida Food Bank
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Peacejam Volunteers Show their Support for Farm Share
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Farm Share is a large-scale food bank and charitable packinghouse working to end hunger. We specialize in getting donated fresh fruits and vegetables from Florida’s farmers and putting it into the hands of the millions of low-income families in need of nutritious food. If you are a philanthropist, a farmer or a volunteer wanting to get involved in solving issues of hunger, malnutrition and food insecurities, please click on our “How To Help” page or contact

Farm Share Facts:

  • Provides more than 23 million pounds of nutritious food to more than one million low-income households across Florida.

  • Works with 500 community groups every day throughout Florida to help feed the hungry.

  • Gives more than 25,000 volunteer hours to help provide food and nutrition to our elderly, children, veterans and low-income families.

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Feed 50 Hungry People: Donate $10 Now

For every dollar donated, Farm Share distributes 11.5 pounds of nutritious food to help feed the hungry.

Think about that. If you donate $10, we will distribute 115 lbs of food to local churches, homeless shelters, and soup kitchens. Your donation (or your workplace/organization's donation) of $100 means more than a half ton of food goes to the hungry in our communities!

Did you know that half of every crop harvested is thrown away?
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