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Food Waste Prevention Week brings on the Food Bank Challenge!

Farm Share has always focused on fighting food insecurity and lowering and eliminating food waste. This year we are doing everything we can to raise awareness with our friends from

This year, Food Waste Prevention Week will host a series of events in order to help us save food from going to waste and to tell everyone what they can do to save food from going to waste in their everyday lives. We encourage you to join us and help us #SAVETHEFOOD by donating at:

We as a state (FLORIDA) are in competition with other states to see who will raise more money in order to save food from going to waste. All food banks in Florida are together on this so log on to the page above and help us show the rest of the US why Florida cares about saving the food that is cultivated by our farmers in Florida. We support and do what we can for Florida farmers and saving their crops is a great way to do so. Farm Share has been doing that in Florida for 30 years and we will continue...with your help!!

Farm Share is proud to be working with our partners in order to raise awareness about how food waste affects and negatively impacts society.

You can also go to in order to learn more about our partners. Please look over the video below. To learn more you can go to:

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