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Humana Healthcare and SouthPromo Serve Broward County with us!

There is currently a lot of need in Florida. At times we tend to think food insecurity is a problem in only some parts of our state however, we find food insecurity in a lot of areas that are surprising to some. Broward county has a lot of need and our corporate partners at Humana Healthcare are teaming up with our friends at in order to serve Broward County!! Farm Share is happy to empower this great collaboration and will always be dedicated to serving those in need in Broward County.

Established in 1991, farm Share started with the innovative concept of picking up food from Florida farms and redistributing the food to those in need. We began operations in Homestead, FL and have expanded to serve the entire state of Florida as a food bank.

Farm Share, Florida’s homegrown food bank in now Florida’s largest independent food bank and the nation’s 3rd largest.

We are a nonprofit organization who focuses on fighting food insecurity in Florida while simultaneously reducing food waste from Florida farms. Our team picks up fresh fruits and vegetables from Florida farmers in order to redistribute that food to neighborhoods and communities in need throughout all 67 counties in the state of Florida. We are proud to serve our beautiful state and those who need food assistance in order to keep our state free of hunger and full of productivity.

Check out some shots of our first collaboration together! The lines were miles long and we almost ran out of food. No worries, Broward...WE got you!! Humana Healthcare has a partnership with Farm Share in order to continue serving Broward county this year!

You can donate and support farm Share at:

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Anna Bellow
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